Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is designed to allow a student's parent or legal guardian access to his/her grades and attendance.  In order to use this tool, you must receive information from your child's school with a Portal ID code.  Once you have received this information, you will need to follow the directions to set up your account.  Please note that LISD is not capable of retrieving lost logins, or passwords so it is imperative that you keep this information in a safe place. 


1.  Once you have obtained the Portal ID necessary for access, you will need to have
      internet access and navigate to the school's website at

2.  On the homepage, you can click on the "For Parents" link along the top, or hover over
     the "For Parents" link and choose Parent Portal.


3.  On the "For Parent" page, locate the button titled "LISD Parent Portal".  This will take
     you to the Parent Portal Website.


4.  You are now connected to the LISD Parent Portal Site.  You cannot login until you
     create an account.  To do this, find the "New User?" area and click on the link as
     shown below.


5.  The first screen will ask you for a username and password.  Please read the
     instructions.  Your username must be between 6 and 9 characters long.  For example,
     you can enter your first initial and last name (EX: jsmith).

     The password MUST be entered exactly as the instructions say.  It must be between 6
     and 9 characters and must contain three of the following types: an uppercase letter,
     lowercase letter, number, or some type of punctuation.

     You must re-enter your password again to confirm.  NOTE:  Please keep this
     password in a safe place in case you forget it.  REMEMBER:  We cannot retrieve your
     password for you.

     You may enter you email address.  You can set up notifications for certain triggers such
     as your student making a failing grade, or a tardy or absence.  The Parent Portal will
     notify you via email that you have notifications.  You can then log in to see them.

6.  On th next screen, you will need to choose a question and submit an answer that will
     assist you in retrieving your password if you forget it.
7.  The last screen is where you enter your Portal ID (That you must obtain from your
     child's school), and your student's birthdate.  Please not that if you have more than one
     student in school, you may add them as well.  All you need to do is enter the birthdates
     of all of your students.
8.  Once you have finished the registration process, you can log in to the Parent Portal and
     access your student's information.